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Lake Lavon or Lake Fork

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Welcome to Crappie Guide Services.  My Name is Greg Nechamkin and my main goal is to achieve a fun and relaxed fishing experience.  I have enjoyed the last 30 years of sharing and teaching my crappie fishing knowledge to friends and family.   


Fishing boat and gear.

My guided fishing trips will be from an Xpress Hyper lift 20ft bay boat. 

This boat is set up for crappie fishing. It is loaded with humminbirds MEGA Side image, Down image and the new MEGA 360 as well as Garmin Livescope. 

We will be providing 8 ft ProAngler Rods with Shimano Calcutta reels.

All live, artificial bait and fish filleted will be provided at no additional cost. 

I can bait your hook and remove the fish if that is your preference.  At the end of the day you will be handed a bag of processed fish fillets to go straight into the frying pan.


Don't want to stand all day?

Lets face it, not everyone has the balance or the stamina to stand on the bow of a boat for 5 hours. I provide a comfortable solution so that you can enjoy the fishing experience. For those hot summer days we can provide some shade with a Bimini and a 9ft umbrella on the bow.

Electronic equipment! & What to bring!


What is Garmin Livescope?

What is Humminbird 360 Imaging?

What is Humminbird 360 Imaging?

Garmin Livescope   runs a range of frequencies in a spread from 530 to 1100 kHz. This allows both penetration and clarity to a beam that sweeps several times a second. Objects to become constantly track-able due to the movement of the beam, allowing us to see a target’s every move from second to second. Experiencing Garmin Livescope to actually see fish  approach and take your bait is an exciting, thrilling time.   You will see fish swim off with your bait and never feel the thump!


What is Humminbird 360 Imaging?

What is Humminbird 360 Imaging?

What is Humminbird 360 Imaging?

HUMMINBIRD MEGA 360 IMAGING. Humminbird’s revolutionary 360-degree Imaging scans underwater places that are virtually impossible to see with conventional sonar. It produces a 150-foot rotating beam that sweeps around a full 360-degree arc to create a 300-foot circle of detection and information around your boat. This tool is used to save time when moving from spot to spot.


What do you need to bring?

What is Humminbird 360 Imaging?

What do you need to bring?

1.  A valid Texas fishing license available at Walmart or online.

TPWD are active on Texas lakes.

  2. Sunlight reflects off the water like a mirror.  A suggestion is to wear light weight clothing during the summer.  During the winter wear warmer cloths in layers. I always wear more than I think I need. You can always remove layers.  Sunburn can happen anytime of the year, bring sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. 

3.  A cooler will be provided for Refreshments, bring your favorite non-alcoholic drink and any snacks you may need. 

4. If you plan to return home with the catch of the day, please have a cooler and ice to store your fish for the journey home.


Lake Fork Deep water with Livescope

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